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Exotic New Brunswick Alpaca Fibre
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Alpacas are native to South America.  There are approximately 4 million in the world, the majority in Peru, and other South American countries.  There are approximately 40,000 alpacas in Canada.
There are four members of the South American Camelid family.  Llamas are probably more commonly known than alpacas.  Both are domesticated.  The wild members of the family are Vicuna and Guanaco.  South American Camelids are related to the camel family.

You Will Find Us This Coming Fall and Winter... 

Hopefully we should be back at  the Moncton Farmer's Market on Westmorland Street around mid-October, 2017 if the Market Manager can find a spot for us.  The market is open every Saturday from 7:00am to 2:00pm.
For our eleventh year, you should find us at Rhoda's Christmas Festival of Crafts, Antiques, Art & Food at Harbour Station in Saint John in November 17, 18 and 19th, 2017. 
Until them you can find us at the farm.  Give us a call or e-mail to find a convenient time to visit the alpacas.
Hope to see you soon.