HighTales Alpaca Farm
Exotic New Brunswick Alpaca Fibre
Alpacas are native to South America.  There are approximately 4 million in the world, the majority in Peru, and other South American countries.  There are approximately 40,000 alpacas in Canada.
There are four members of the South American Camelid family.  Llamas are probably more commonly known than alpacas.  Both are domesticated.  The wild members of the family are Vicuna and Guanaco.  South American Camelids are related to the camel family.

Welcome to HighTales Alpaca Farm:

We are your hosts, Michael and Brenda Urquhart. We live in Portage Vale, New Brunswick, Canada between the village of Petitcodiac and town of Sussex.
We started our farm in 2005 with 8 gorgeous alpacas.  Since that time, we have learned much from these gentle camelids and even more about the care they need. Alpacas are not native of North America and so have very different health concerns than the typical animals we see on our farms have. However, these animals are easy to care for once you know of their special needs.

Alpacas are observant, smart, protective of their “family” and an absolute joy to work with. The fibre for us, is a bonus as it too is – a joy to work with. We are dedicated in caring for these beautiful creatures and sharing what we have learned about them with others.
At the present, we have 40 alpacas.  We made a quick trip in late March to pick up a couple of young boys in Quebec.  The black boy, named Dexter,  is a two year old, and just had a roll in the gravel.  The white boy watching the boys beyond the fence is a three year old, named Casper. 

The E-Catalog towards the top of the page has information about the products we make from the fibre of these "lovelies".  Dexter's fibre will certainly make an interesting yarn, as his colour is called "True Black". 

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